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New Year 2023


New Business - Social Media Marketing

In the New Year, we have an exciting opportunity to take on some new clients for our NEW Social Media Marketing department at our offices in Ludgershall, Wiltshire.
If you are a small–medium sized business struggling with your social media accounts, then we can help get your audience engaged and interacting with your posts again. We can be flexible and do as little or as much as you like for your social media accounts.
We don’t have to take over completely, you can still post yourself! It’s your baby, we can help build an organic audience, create engaging posts with a plan of action in place once initial research has been carried out.
Our Social Media expert can make your brand look current and exciting, with well laid out and well thought out posts.
Did you know that we have an expert within the Equestrian Sector.  Michele is a keen equestrian herself, she has worked for a few equestrian businesses, from large wholesalers, retailers, start up equestrian businesses, equestrian clothing brands, rural & equestrian agents, plus some more.
If you would like to discuss injecting some new life into it your brand or start a fresh, then please get in touch to discuss further on 01264 791843 or drop Michele an email michele.griffiths@salisburyapps.co.uk
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