Mobile Apps

When we talk about mobile apps, we mean something that your staff and/or customers could be using – an app built specifically for your ┬ábusiness.

e.g. iOS and Android apps that allow your customers to order your products/services, all linked up to your existing order flow and website.


Whether you're just looking for maintenance on your existing website or a whole new site.

Local help is always easiest. With Salisbury Apps you can choose between having super-senior developers working on your site... or helping out a local junior developer in their career development (with oversight and guidance from senior developers of course).

Social Media

Outsourcing your social media management is cheaper than you think.

We can automate a variety of the tasks so you don't have to pay an hourly rate for every last little thing.

The brain work still takes time and money - but the automation brings you more consistent delivery and lower bills.