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Building the impossible, and making you look great!

Mobile Apps

When we talk about mobile apps, we mean something that your staff and/or customers could be using – an app built specifically for your  business.

e.g. iOS and Android apps that allow your customers to order your products/services, all linked up to your existing order flow and website.


Whether you’re just looking for maintenance on your existing website or a whole new site.
Local help is always easiest.

With Salisbury Apps you can choose between having super-senior developers working on your site… or helping out a local junior developer in their career development (with oversight and guidance from senior developers of course).

Social Media

Outsourcing your social media management is cheaper than you think.

We can automate a variety of the tasks so you don’t have to pay an hourly rate for every last little thing.

The brain work still takes time and money – but the automation brings you more consistent delivery and lower bills.

About us

Our story so far

In 2015, Salisbury Apps started with exactly that, Apps, iOS then Android.
The Coronavirus pandemic changed that. We’ve hired extra staff and opened an office in Ludgershall.

Our clients range from FTSE-100 to start-ups and we ensure that whatever your size, you get the same dedication, attention to detail and eye on quality that you’d expect from a service focused company.

The next time you look at your website or apps and ask yourself why things aren’t working the way you need it to, think of us, call us and get in touch.

The next time you look at your social campaigns and wonder why they start with a bang and trail off over time, think of us, call us and get in touch.

The next time you look at your P&L and see IT as a cost, think of us, call us and get in touch.
Let us convert your IT investment into exactly that, an investment.

A few things we’re great at

Building the impossible, and making you look great

iOS Apps

Put your own app in the hands of your staff and/or customers.

Connect it to your website and/or internal systems

Android Apps

Have an Android app wih all the same features as your iOS app

Connect it up to your other technology – it’s all possible.


General Maintenance

Major overhaul

Build from new

Those things you have on your current site that you don’t like?… We can fix it, give us a call

Social Media

Keep your focus on your business

Get us to focus on the tech.

A lot of the social media tasks you can be pre-planned and automated – Leverage our skills to elevate you profile

Our Team

Take a look below to meet the team.

David Tuplin


James Clifton


Michele Griffiths