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Dave Tuplin – Bio

Director of Salisbury Apps Limited

Dave Tuplin – Bio

Hi, I’m Dave, I’m a Senior iOS Developer and founder of Salisbury Apps.

I have worn many different hats over the years.

I spent much of the ’80s punching hundreds of thousands of lines of code; navigated the great waterfall projects of the ’90s; and since the advent of Apple’s iOS platform for iPhones, I spend my time nowadays building a wide range of mobile apps.

I cut my teeth laying out products neatly in e-commerce apps and strengthening the security of banking apps. And in recent years I’ve worked on major transformation projects reaching millions of users: overhauling a flagship GPS app for a beloved national breakdown service; modernising a major supermarket loyalty app and enabling digital ticketing for a major airline carrier.

I love the challenge of finding and fixing bugs, unlocking improvements and am happiest when guiding teams into productive, rhythmical, collaborative cultures. I’m a people person at heart and strive to create the best experiences possible – for my colleagues and for our end users.

Outside of work, I’m always found touring and camping in the beautiful English countryside with my wife, who’s a much more enthusiastic camper since we upgraded our tent to a caravan in lockdown…!

You can find out more about me on my LinkedIn, click the button below